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10/29/09: Pendraig welcomes Shepherd's Rest Mehlika! Our darling girl.

At Pendraig Siberian Cats we love lots of RED!

Photo by Chyril Walker

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NEWS: Mehlika comes to Texas! Welcome home baby girl!

UPDATE: Pendraig Anatolian Shepherd Dogs - from Dream to Reality.

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Coban Kopegi - The Shepherd Dog of Turkey

Image of our boy Connor bred on by a nice couple here in Texas.
Famous Turkish Stamp
Coban Kopegi

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog has a long and cherished history. It is unknown how many centuries this landrace breed has followed the flock, protecting flock and thus the survival of the shepherds and their families that rely on their livestock for everything.  It is little wonder that such an important animal has such a special place in the hearts and minds of the people and is known as a national treasure.

The dogs are found all over the Anatolian Plateau, which makes up 97% of what is now now as Turkey.  With this vast area there is a noticeable variance of type in the shepherd dogs from region to region as one would expect.  Collectively these dogs were merely known as “shepherd dogs” or  Çoban köpegi.  Within the Sivas region the predominantly fawn with black mask dogs are well known, and sometimes called karabas (black face) or kangal.  These dogs often have a more mastiff like build.  Pinto, brindle, white and other colors are less common but are seen even in the Sivas region.

There is some dispute as to the true origin of the breed but few will argue that the breed is anything but ancient.  Whatever the truth may be, it is likely not a simple explanation as Turkey has an ancient history.  It considered a cradle of civilization and as such it has seen a variety peoples come and go.  Istanbul, once Constatinople, was the main gateway to the east since ancient times and Turkey straddles two continents (Europe and Asia).  Read more about the history of Turkey.

....Coming soon - History of the Çoban köpegi, history of the Anatolian Shepherd and of course the article "The kangal Con".


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More coming soon…



.... "Warrior Heart & Guardian Soul" - Dawn Campbell


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