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Pendraig Anatolian Shepherds - We are in a holding stage from starting our program but we hope in the next two years to start again. Anatolian Shepherd Breeding Program. We have found the most We will be bringing in other dogs that meet our standards and help us achieve our goals. We will strive always to preserve the health and integrity of this breed as a working livestock guardian dog.

We practice Natural Rearing to insure only the healthiest, strongest and most vibrant lives for our dogs. We hope to share our Anatolians with the world. Over ten years ago I coined this phrase, "Warrior Hearts and Guardian Souls" and truly nothing describes this ancient breed better.

The best qualities of the Anatolian Shepherd Dog reside here at Pendraig. If you are looking for your next livestock guardian dog look no further. We provide a strong, capable dog with a stable temperament and dedication to his or her charges. We offer what few breeders can, a dog that is raised on a farm and imprinted on a variety of livestock from birth but also to humans and conditioned for all the important necessities of farm life up until the age they leave our farm. Our dogs are not raised in kennels or solely as household pets.

If you are looking for a companion and are suited to the challenges of an Anatolian Shepherd as a pet we can provide that as well, conditioning the pup from an early age to household living and beginning basic obedience. Regardless of the dog's duties in your home or farm you will enjoy the vibrant health, strength and vitality of a naturally reared Anatolian Shepherd.

To see more about our Anatolian Shepherd Dogs, our program and our breeding plans or available puppies please continue... Anatolian Shepherd Dogs

Pendraig Siberian Cats - We have been breeding Siberian Cats since 2005 when our first litter of Siberian Kittens was born. We have an established red and torbie Siberian Cat program and started our Golden Siberian Program in 2010 and continue it with our SunFire line which now is both golden and red. Our next goal is to add silver back to the cattery and maybe a rare bi-metal (silver and golden together)

We are expecting many fine Siberian Cats to augment our lines in the future and we hope you will join us as we endeavor to produce show quality type while maintaining a wide and diverse gene pool. We maintain a very low inbreeding ratio and focus on health, affectionate and stable temperaments while we strive always for loving personalities and of course a beautiful Siberian cat of excellent type.

We also raise our cats on raw diets, and natural rearing methods to insure the healthiest Siberian Cats and Siberian Kittens possible.

Whether you are a pet owner searching for your next family member or a breeder wanting to get a Siberian Cat for your program we have healthy cats and kittens for you. We are breeding for the true, and authentic Siberian Cat with Traditional Siberian cat lines.




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